We offer prefabricated metal buildings that includes metal carports, garages, barns, workshops, RV covers and custom metal buildings, all of which can be tailored to your requirements. Our team includes experienced professionals who has been working with the metal building industry for a long time. The steel structures we offer come in with 15 color options and 4 colors for garage doors.

We are an authorized dealer of American Steel Carports Inc. and other manufacturers that offers best metal building products online. Here’s how we work.

Yes, you can customize all the buildings that we have in our catalog and share your notes with us.

Yes, you must ensure that the installation site (where you want to put up the building) is flat and leveled in order to complete the installation in given timeframe. Some areas require building permits before installing a metal carport or any other metal building. Please get in touch with your local community authorities to find out if permits are required in your area too.

Gauge represents the thickness of metal sheet, it’s values are presented in inverse i.e. the lower the gauge, the stronger metal sheet. 12-gauge metal sheet have thickness 0.1084 inches whereas a 14-gauge metal sheet is 0.0785 inches thick.

Which is why we recommend using 12-gauge metal sheet for areas prone to high winds and heavy snow. Whereas, 14-gauge metal sheet is the industry standard for frame thickness and accepted everywhere for building metal carports and other steel structures.

Both gauges are safe to use in your building structures including metal carports, steel barns, metal workshops, steel garages, custom metal buildings, RV Covers and other utility carports that we offer.

No, dealers sell in behalf of manufacturers. Dealers and Manufacturers work hand in hand to complete each order successfully. The buildings we sell are produced by the largest manufactures and use top quality materials.

We can go all the way to 20’ tall but labor/equipment fee will be applied.

Yes, we can add on to your carport, please contact us for more information at (786) 903-5669

We have 15 additional colors to choose from at no additional price. Wainscot/Colonial on vertical siding units WILL have an additional price.

You need to contact your local building department.

As level as possible, but we can work with 2-3 inches max.

Once an order is placed and the 10% down payment is received you are eligible for a set of engineered certified plans that will give you the recommendation for your concrete pad.